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Tools and resources

In 2013, Chrysler Group launched several new electronic tools and resources to support its approximately 2,400 dealerships.

iShowroom, Chrysler Group’s sales consultant electronic product presentation platform, was enhanced  to include commercial vehicles and enhanced functionality. This platform includes video, graphics and animations designed to engage the potential vehicle buyer to better understand the product, and includes product information, vehicle accessory details, competitive comparisons, and the ability to virtually build a vehicle to suit the wants and needs of a particular customer.  Furthermore, this tool is dealership-specific, displaying vehicles that are currently available in that dealer’s inventory. The system is updated nightly to ensure accuracy of content, and is available via kiosk, web-based and mobile platforms. Over five million views of iShowroom were recorded in 2013.

Owner Support Lite and Owner Support+, electronic tools designed to enhance the new vehicle delivery experience, were both launched to support dealer network personnel. These tools provide Vehicle Identification Number-specific product information for sales professionals to share and review with new vehicle owners, and both are designed to improve Chrysler Group’s customer experience delivery-related scores. While OS Lite is a pdf-based deliverable, OS+ is an electronic suite of videos and product information that can be emailed directly to a customer, further increasing their appreciation and understanding of their new Chrysler Group product. The content of these tools is derived from features identified as “difficult to understand” by the Chrysler Group Customer Call Center, to ensure maximum relevancy.

The e-Product tool developed for European markets supports vehicle sales by effectively explaining the product range with videos and animation and illustrating their innovative characteristics. e-Product supports communication with the customer by standardizing the sales negotiation. At the same time, it is very useful in presenting complex content such as Electronic Stability Control (ESC), the Hill Holder function, the fuel saving technology of Group engines and the low environmental impact of LPG or compressed natural gas. e-Product was designed to run fully integrated with the Link-e-sales software, currently used by dealerships to build a car based on the customer’s request during negotiations. It can be accessed like a traditional website on any kind of device (iPad, tablets, smart phone). This feature is very important, since the salesperson always has access to videos and graphics that support the information he/she provides, adding credibility to what is said about the vehicle. The tool also sends the customer an email with a link they can use to browse a personalized website, as well as a brochure that portrays the vehicle built with all the selected features. With this tool, the customer can share the experience he/she had at the dealership with friends and relatives, while the microsite and online brochure includes both the dealership and salesperson’s contact information to ensure continued dialogue with the customer.