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Sustainability Plan

Fiat Group’s approach to sustainability is based on aligning the company’s projects and initiatives to ensure that value is generated responsibly through the incorporation of economic, environmental and social aspects into its business decisions.

This approach has led to the creation of a focused and disciplined method for tracking the company’s progress toward sustainable development. The Sustainability Plan communicates the Group’s progress annually to stakeholders by reporting on the boundary of each commitment, the specific actions to be taken, progress toward achievement of the goal during the current reporting year and the target for the future. The Group’s sustainability strategy has resulted in a variety of projects related to good corporate governance; environmentally responsible products, plants and processes; a healthy, safe and inclusive work environment; and constructive relationships with local communities and business partners, as these are the milestones along the Group’s path of continual improvement oriented to long-term value creation.


Discover all our commitments and results in the Fiat Group Sustainability Plan.

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