GRI-G4  DMA, EC1, EC7, EC8, HR8, SO1, SO2
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Self-sustaining development in the community

At each location, the Group is engaged in providing appropriate operational conditions for generating local growth while respecting the interests of the various stakeholders.

To this aim, three main conditions must be met: the identification and cultivation of local assets, the establishment of collaborative processes to plan and implement change and the encouragement of a local mindset that fosters growth. These three conditions can form only if founded on a relationship of mutual trust between the Group and the local community and its institutions.

It is clear that nearly nine years after the first initiatives of the Árvore da Vida program, the Fiat Group Automobiles’ (FGA) experience in Brazil has become a sort of training ground.

A selection of Fiat Group’s 2013 initiatives are described in the other sections, chosen for their distinctiveness and their economic or social significance.