GRI-G4  EC7, EC8, SO1, SO2
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Throughout its many years of operation, the Group has continued to evolve and develop its relationship with the core communities where it does business.

This process has strengthened its social license to operate in the various areas by gaining respect and credibility among local stakeholders. This is particularly true of projects that have a significant impact, such as the building of the all-new Fiat Group Automobiles (FGA) plant in the Brazilian region of Pernambuco, started in 2012.

In order to successfully integrate the business into the local community, the company worked with the non-governmental organization AVSI Nordeste to evaluate the social, cultural, economic and environmental aspects of life in Goiana and 17 nearby municipalities. The results of this comprehensive impact study were essential in identifying initiatives and programs that will be implemented starting in 2014 in response to local needs. The plant project was presented to more than 800 individuals representing the various interests in the community, with special emphasis placed on the environmental impact. This multi-stakeholder engagement helped to sow the seeds for ongoing dialogue crucial to the success of this project.

Pernambuco fotogallery