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Responsabilities toward customers

The Group's relationship with its customers represents one of the significant focal points of every activity undertaken by the company: from initial market research to product development, to the manufacturing process, through the purchase and after-sales experience.

It is essential to the long term viability of Fiat Group that we engage with our current and potential future customers to ensure that their expectations are met or exceeded. In fact, customer satisfaction and vehicle quality were confirmed as two of the most material aspects during the Group's 2013 sustainability-focused Stakeholder Engagement Events held in Turin (Italy), Belo Horizonte (Brazil) and Detroit (US). Through lifelong relationships with satisfied customers, the Group builds a loyal customer base which promotes the brand in the marketplace and contributes to the overall success of the company.

Fiat Group engages with consumers in a variety of ways with the responsibility shared by many different business functions. The Group strives to address a wide range of requirements from customers, including those with special needs. Regardless of the type of interaction, the relationship with the customer is handled with honesty, integrity and transparency, specified by the codes of conduct and several related policies and guidelines. The Group has an obligation to inform customers about the proper use of our products and services including potential risks or hazards.

For this purpose, manuals, labels and advertising are available and distributed or communicated through the dealer and service networks, the Customer Contact Centers (CCC), as well as on Group websites.

The Group also strives to improve vehicle safety performance and give customers peace of mind while using our products. This is the premise behind our vision and commitment for increasingly sustainable mobility: one that responds to consumer mobility needs while reaching high standards of safety and quality.

The Group monitors customer expectations and satisfaction in various ways and throughout the whole value chain, starting from market research during the pre-purchase phase. Monitoring continues after the vehicle is purchased by means of the Customer Feedback program.

The programs measure how satisfied customers were with the vehicle purchase, service and repair, if applicable, as well as how likely they are to recommend a dealer or a brand to family and friends.

By surveying the customer throughout the vehicle consideration and ownership process, customer expectations and feedback can be integrated into all of the Group's development and process decisions.