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Customer experience

To ensure strong and global management of customer activities worldwide, dedicated Customer Care functions have been established in all four operating regions, NAFTA, EMEA, APAC and LATAM, to:

  •  offer multichannel interaction
  •  increase customer satisfaction
  •  build and improve customer loyalty.

Customer Contact Centers (CCC), together with dealers, are the main channel of communication between customers and the company. There are 26 Contact Centers worldwide, with roughly 1,000 agents handling about 10 million customer contacts per year.

The Group’s Head of Mopar Service, Parts and Customer Care, is globally responsible for the Mopar brand and its Customer Contact Centers. The Head of Mopar is also a member of the Group Executive Council (GEC) and reports directly to the Fiat S.p.A. Chief Executive Officer (CEO). This represents the greatest possible commitment to customer management. The GEC is in fact responsible for reviewing the operating performance of the businesses, setting performance targets, making key strategic decisions and investments and sharing best practices.

To enhance global coordination of activities, in 2012 a study was conducted to evaluate a common customer care platform, to leverage best practices and move toward an even more standardized process across regions.  The first step in this effort was the identification of the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform to manage customer care processes around the world, gradually replacing individual local systems.

The first region to adopt the system was APAC, which completed the roll-out and deployment of the new processes in India in the first half of 2013. In 2014, this activity will be expanded to the Fiat and Chrysler brands in China and Korea, with the remainder of APAC anticipated in 2015. The project is scheduled to begin roll-out in LATAM in 2014.  A cross-regional project steering committee is in place to ensure global alignment of strategies and process convergence. NAFTA and EMEA are scheduled to join the CRM project, which is expected to be completed by 2020.

The CCCs offer a variety of services including information, complaint management and, in some locations, roadside assistance.


Customer Contact Center Activities - 2013

Contacts managed (million) 2.7 5.1 1.2 0.2
Customers participatingin satisfaction surveys 9% 5.3% 19% 5% (1)

Satisfaction index (scale 1-10)


8.2 8.3 8.6 8.6(1)
Satisfaction index (scale 1-10)        Complaint 7.0 6.6 7.0 6.4(1)
% of calls within 20 seconds 80% 83% 90% 93%
Information: cases settled in a single call 90% 96% 92% 92%

Complaints: average settled time and
% cases settled within 5 business days

cases settled within average 7 days
60% settled within 5 days

cases settled within average 4 days
84% settled within 5 days

cases settled within average 6 days
66% settled within 5 calendar days

average settled time N/A
73% settled within 5 business days

(1) Figure based on South Korean data only. 

The main CCC in the EMEA region is located in Arese (Italy), which supports not only Mass-Market and Premium Brands and Maserati customers, but also FGA Capital and Fiat Services in 20 countries and is one of the largest such centres in the European automotive sector.

The EMEA CCC provides multilingual support with a strong focus on employing native speakers of each of the 17 different service languages. With 362 personnel, the EMEA region Customer Contact Centers handled approximately 2.7 million contacts in 2013. As a results of the Customer Care process experience in the EMEA region and the excellence in CCC performance management, in 2013, Fiat Group Automobiles was awarded the “Best Customer Care of the Year” by Viséo Conseil in the Car Maker category in France.

The NAFTA region CCCs, located in the US, Canada and Mexico, and handle incoming customer contacts of all Mass-Market and Premium Brands through separate and dedicated brand teams. These teams also provide special attention during new model launches. Additionally, selected sites provide support to dealers on various topics.

The NAFTA CCCs handled approximately 5.1 million customer contacts in 2013 with 457 personnel. Both the EMEA and NAFTA Customer Contact Centers manage the entire process, from the first contact with the customer until a response has been given, ensuring resolution in the shortest possible time.

With respect to the other operating regions, in LATAM the Group has six Customer Contact Centers. The centers handled around 1.2 million customer contacts per year in Portuguese and Spanish, through 170 professionals. In addition to the CCCs and to ensure a local and culturally appropriate response, Fiat has established a specialized structure in its eight regional offices in LATAM which handle complaints related to the dealer network. In 2013, the Customer Contact Center in Brazil received recognition for its success, ranking best in the automotive industry in the Excellence Award on Customer Service, promoted by Consumidor Moderno magazine, the main publication specializing in Brazil call centers.  In addition, it received the IBRC/Exame Award, organized by the Brazilian Institute of Customer Relations in partnership with Exame Magazine, the  primary Brazilian publication on the economy.

The countries within the APAC region are very diverse in terms of culture, language, vehicle population and automotive industry penetration. To respond to these regional differences, the current customer care strategy is for each main country, i.e., India, China, South Korea, Japan and Australia, to have its own CCC. In 2013, the APAC Contact Centers globally managed about 181,000 customer contacts with 38 agents covering the full range of Fiat and Chrysler Group brands.

Furthermore in APAC, the Group is increasing its CRM activities in response to its growing presence in the region and to enable the move to the common Customer Care platform. In April 2013, India became the first country within the APAC region to roll-out the Siebel Global CRM platform and enhanced Customer Care process. It now collectively handles over 50,000 inquiries a year. As a result, complaint levels were reduced and the Net Promoter Score, which measures customer satisfaction, improved.

In order to continue improving CCC operators' skills, training was conducted in 2013 across all regions. Not including new hire training, EMEA personnel received approximately 41 hours of training per person, 33.5 in NAFTA, 27 in LATAM, and 14 in APAC.  In India alone, the 14 CCC operators received 100 hours of training each in order to expedite the transition to the joint Customer Care platform.