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Customer-centered services and products

Customer-centered services respond to owner expectations and provide added value related to their ownership of Group products.

In order to increasingly meet customer requirements during 2013, Chrysler Group increased the number of dealers offering express service by 16% over 2012, which significantly reduces the time required for routine maintenance such as oil change, tire rotation and multi-point inspection.

In addition, in 2013, dealers offering Saturday service hours increased by 2% in the US, for a total of  80.6% of the dealers. Accordingly, in order to support dealership needs, Chrysler Group also expanded both Mopar parts distribution and customer service hours.

The focus in 2014 and beyond will be to further increase the number of North American dealerships offering express service and extended service hours (nights and weekends).

As important as it is to serve customers directly, the Group also believes that it is just as vital to work behind the scenes to ensure that customer needs are met. For this reason, six areas were identified within the Mopar Brand Organization to drive integration and alignment of business processes in support of the ongoing convergence between product development and distribution. These six areas are Brand Management, Service Contracts, Technical Services, Supply Chain, Customer Care and New Business Development. A lead was assigned to each area to drive convergence in alignment with the priorities of the respective region.

To deliver the quality of service that customers expect, Chrysler Group has expanded offerings of high-quality remanufactured parts. These parts offer alternatives to dealers and customers that simultaneously reduces the cost of vehicle ownership and the volume of salvageable materials heading to landfills.  The selection of remanufactured options includes more than 4,000 unique parts, 200 of which were added in 2013, and includes remanufactured brake calipers, starters and alternators, electronic control modules, steering and suspensions, air compressors, as well as engine and transmission product categories.

Chrysler Group launched the wiADVISOR dashboard for US dealerships during the fourth quarter of 2012 to further enhance the experience of dealership service for customers during the write-up process. The tool is designed to provide a seamless, portable method to support the interaction between the service advisor and the customer in the service write-up area. It integrates several Chrysler Group systems and many third-party service write-up resources into a single, web-based user interface displayed on a tablet. During the 3rd and 4th quarters of 2013, a pilot was conducted with wiADVISOR Product Specialists to provide on-site in-dealership training to maximize the benefits of the tool.  As of December 2013, 52% of Chrysler Group’s US dealer network is enrolled in wiADVISOR. Dealers utilizing this product enhance the customer experience by educating the owner about their vehicle, building trust and providing transparency of services that are recommended to properly maintain the vehicle.

The tool can offer basic vehicle diagnostics, vehicle and mileage-specific factory-required maintenance with pricing, as well as complete vehicle service history and inspection results.  An even greater level of on-site in-dealership support is expected in 2014.

The wiADVISOR dashboard for EMEA dealerships was developed in Italy, where it was launched in 2012. Since the first pilot, the wiADVISOR application has continued to grow as a result of the experience gained in the Italian market. The application meets the needs of customers during vehicle repair by improving the process and reducing the overall time spent in the service center as well as the total amount of paper used for printing.

As of December 2013, 35% of the Group's Italian dealer network is enrolled in wiADVISOR and Fiat Group is expanding this program to the entire EMEA region.

Additionally, Mopar continued its green check up campaign, which is promoted in several countries in Europe on all Group brands.   The campaign is an educational program on proper maintenance offering a series of free vehicle checks which covers inspection of areas such as tire condition, spark plugs, air filter, exhaust, lambda probe, passenger compartment filter, etc, aimed at reducing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

Another example of customer convenience in LATAM is the program that offers Brazilian customers after-sales services with related prices and Fiat Autocentro, which allows customers to watch quick services being performed, providing transparency during the service process.

In 2013, Fiat Group also launched a pilot project for the direct sale of used cars between private individuals as a way to help customers address the economic crisis in Europe and meet their financial and mobility needs. This innovative project, Privauto, brings supply and demand together at Group-owned dealerships with no cost to participants. In addition to providing space, selecting the vehicles, and publishing ads on numerous websites, the Group also offers the expertise of our sales professionals who evaluate the condition of the vehicles.

In our digital age, Privauto is first and foremost a real-life place where buyers and sellers can meet on a number of occasions during the year, and touch first-hand the quality of the vehicles for sale, all with the support of the Fiat sales network.

The Group is working not only to design and launch innovative vehicles, but also to promote efficient mobility features such as the Blue Tom Tom2 systems available on the Lancia Ypsilon, Fiat 500, Panda, Punto, Qubo, Doblò and Ducato and Chrysler Group’s Uconnect system, SiriusXM Traffic. In addition, the Group  participates in various projects dedicated to car-sharing, such as Enjoy, where a large fleet of vehicles is provided by the Group in Italy.

Exploring issues linked to mobility of the future was the aim of  a unique contest promoted by the European Automobile Manufacturers' Association (ACEA)  and the Fiat Brand, called 'Design, Future, Accessibility.' Through this initiative, Fiat launched a virtual round table and competition open to all young Europeans interested in the future of sustainable design. All of the projects submitted to the dedicated Facebook page were evaluated by Fiat’s Style Center team according to the criteria of originality, inspiration and the capacity to foresee future scenarios. The three winners were invited to Turin for a unique experience and to exchange ideas with Fiat’s Style Centre team.