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Customer feedback

Customer feedback and opinions are monitored on an on-going basis regarding satisfaction with their vehicle, dealer and ownership experiences. 

Regional programs are in place to evaluate these events, as well as how likely customers are to recommend a dealer or a brand to family and friends.

In the US, the Customer Promoter Score (CPS), an internal monthly tracking system, surveys customers at several points during the first three years of ownership through a combination of time-triggered and event-triggered transactions. Expressed on a scale of zero to ten, the answers allow customers to be broken down into three categories: promoters, passive customers and detractors.

Similar to CPS, Fiat Group Automobiles in EMEA uses the Net Promoter Score (NPS) to evaluate customer satisfaction throughout the vehicle sales and service experience.

In the US, to assess customer satisfaction with their service experience, customers are contacted within their first year of ownership immediately after their first warranty service visit or the first time they pay for service.  Additionally, surveys are sent to customers who have dealership service visits later in the ownership cycle.  The primary questions related to the customer’s dealership service experience include:

  • How would you rate your satisfaction with your most recent experience at the dealership?
  • Were all your service needs completed correctly on the first visit?

In 2013, more than 700,000 responses were received from US service customers. Owners are able to complete the survey by phone or email.

In the EMEA region, Fiat Group Automobiles developed the Customer Feedback Sales and Service program to manage customers and help dealerships improve customer satisfaction.  In 2013, it was expanded to 19 markets in Europe.

Specifically, Customer Feedback aims to:

  • provide feedback to dealerships and service points to improve their organizations and processes that have an impact on customer experience
  • incorporate the results of the Net Promoter Score to provide additional customer input and improvement opportunities.

In 2013, FGA expanded the customer management processes at repair facilities by gauging the  satisfaction of  vehicle owners regardless of whether their vehicle is covered under warranty or not. By doing this, the program provides useful input to manage all business at repair facilities.

FGA developed a new reporting tool called Customer Feedback Web Report available to markets so they can easily use the results. It also allows users to gain a better understanding of customer opinions.

Finally, because customer wants and needs continue to evolve, in 2014  a new, digital way to keep in touch with customers will allow them to complete the questionnaire at their convenience: by phone, email or smartphone.