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Vehicle safety

The Group is strongly committed to its efforts to ensure safety for all road users. This commitment is grounded in the respect for human life which is reflected in all of the Group's activities.

Our vision of sustainable mobility is one that leads to the development of vehicles that address both the security and mobility needs of consumers worldwide, while offering a product portfolio that delivers innovation, style and passion that affords the level of driving confidence today’s consumer demands.

Meticulous research has been conducted to design vehicles equipped with safety systems that keep the customer and brand image in mind, and are competitive in the marketplace.

The Group applies an integrated approach to the development of on-board safety systems - which has been proven to significantly reduce the probability of injury in the event of an accident - focusing on the following key areas:

  • collision avoidance: systems that assist the driver in recognizing potentially dangerous situations
  • driver assist: systems that provide active assistance in controlling the vehicle and maneuvering to avoid collisions
  • damage mitigation: systems to minimize damage and injury in the event of an impact

We strive to make society safer by continuing to make advancements in technology.

In addition to vehicle-related innovations, other factors affecting safety for consumers worldwide include infrastructure and driver behavior. These factors are addressed by the Group in a variety of methods by extending the use of wireless communication technologies to enable Vehicle-to-Vehicle (V2V) and Vehicle-to-Infrastructure (V2I) communication, setting up safety education programs and advocating proper vehicle maintenance.