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Employee representative involvement

Fostering equal opportunities for both men and women in the workplace is also one of the common objectives shared by the Group and employee representatives.

Globally, equal opportunity is an issue discussed in the social dialog conducted according to local regulations and practice. Every two years, in compliance with Italian law, Group companies with more than 100 employees submit a report on male and female employment to the trade unions and Equal Opportunities Councilor. This report provides information on training initiatives, compensation levels, promotions, and turnover, as well as other pertinent data. The First-level Collective Labor Agreement (CCSL), which applies to Fiat S.p.A.’s Italian companies, provides for the establishment of Equal Opportunity Commissions within all covered Group companies. The objective of these commissions is to monitor employment conditions for women – also by analyzing the biannual report – and examine feasibility of proposed proactive initiatives and promote their implementation, as well as interventions for spreading behavior consistent with equal opportunities.

In France, equal gender opportunities in business environments and the measures to achieve them are among mandatory bargaining issues and, if an agreement with trade unions is not reached, companies are required to present a unilateral action plan. For example, at Magneti Marelli France SAS, an agreement was signed with unions outlining specific objectives to improve equal treatment of men and women in hiring, training enrollment and grade classification. Magneti Marelli Motopropulsion France SAS, Comau France SA and Fonderie du Poitou Fonte S.A.S.U. instead presented unilateral action plans with hiring guidelines that guarantee equal opportunities in addition to the commitment and tools that will be adopted both to ensure equal treatment as far as salary and to facilitate employees’ work-life balance.

Also, in accordance with French law, each year Group companies with more than fifty employees submit a report on employment and training provided to both men and women to employee representatives. Fiat Group Automobiles monitors equal opportunities is the detailed analysis it carries out each year in France on the male and female body of workers. The objective is to single out any differences in: the opportunities to evolve within the company, pay rates/qualifications or opportunities for training courses. Furthermore, an action plan outlines the Company's commitment beginning in 2014 to:

  • ensure equal treatment of male and female candidates during hiring
  • guarantee equal access to training in addition to providing women that are back from maternity leave a specific interview with the preparation of any training plan needed to facilitate their return to work 
  • help employees to balance work and family life by giving access to part-time jobs and flexible hours when the school year starts, together with the commitment not to schedule meetings after 6:00 p.m.
  • conduct an analysis of differences in salary for equivalent roles.

In all other European countries, as well as in those where a Works Council or a similar body representing the employees is in place, equal opportunities are the subject of information and/or consultation with the employer.