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National and ethnic minority groups

In 2013, Fiat Group repeated two surveys to determine employee affiliation to a nationality or ethnic minority group. Other diversity indicators that may be sensitive in nature or subject to data protection legislation were not included in the study.

The first study related to nationality involved all Group companies, and the outcome revealed that 2.7% of employees (of whom 23% are women) have a nationality that differs from that of the country where they work.

A second survey examined the ethnic origin(1) of employees based in the United States, Canada and Mexico (approx. 36% of the total Group workforce) and found that 36% of the employees surveyed (of which 45% are women) reported belonging to one of the identified ethnic minority groups.

The minority group with the largest representation in 2013 continued to be Hispanic workers, who represent approximately 21% of responding employees.

Employees by principal ethnic origin

Fiat Group North America

(1) The analysis was conducted with reference to the six ethnic groups with the greatest representation in the North American population (Caucasian, African American, American Indian, Asian, Hispanic, Pacific Islander).