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Workforce inclusion

Ensuring the same rights and opportunities for both men and women in the workplace is a fundamental principle of Fiat Group’s human resources management.

This commitment is in line with the UN Gender Equality Seal (GES) definition of gender equality as a human right and business imperative. The contribution of both genders is essential for the long-term success of the company as it creates a wider, more diverse pool of talent and improves the company’s understanding of its customer base.

Women employees by geographic area 

Fiat Group worldwide (%)

Europe 21.6 21.6
North America 19.4 22.0
Latin America 22.4 8.8
Asia 9.6 29.7
Rest of world 29.8 27.5
Total 19.6 19.2

Women employees by category

Fiat Group worldwide (%)

  2013 2012
Hourly 18.0 17.4
Salaried 28.9 29.1
Professional 18.3 18.2
Manager 13.1 13.1

The percentage of female managers was stable in 2013 at more than 13%.

Several initiatives are in place across the Group to foster among employees the importance of having a diverse and inclusive workforce.

Among these, the Chrysler Group Diversity Council was established more than a decade ago in the United States. The Council’s commitment led to the launch of the Diversity Work Stream strategy in 2011. The Council implemented 3 new Workstream initiatives in 2013, for a total of 17. Among the Workstreams implemented since 2012 were such initiatives as bilingual call centers and expanded utilization of the Employee Resource Groups.

Diversity in North America is also represented by the longstanding Employee Resource Groups (ERG). Chrysler Group’s ERGs (African American Network, Hispanic Network, Asian Network, Native American Network, Gay and Lesbian Alliance, and Women’s Forum) provide multicultural learning opportunities and career development avenues such as mentoring and networking for employees, as well as support for many community outreach initiatives and charitable events. Participation in ERG-sponsored activities is encouraged and open to all salaried employees from all facilities with the aim of maximizing social and cultural exchange.

During 2013, Chrysler Group continued its internship program to facilitate the integration of veterans from the US armed forces into the company’s engineering and product design departments. A total of 17 internships started during the year. In Brazil, Fiat Group Automobiles is a partner of Minas Pela Paz (MPP) a non governmental organization that works for building a culture of peace in society, through social inclusion, with a view to transforming the lives of socially vulnerable people, including former prison inmates.