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People Satisfaction Survey

The Group conducted a first extensive people satisfaction survey in 2010, in collaboration with the Great Place to Work Institute® (GPTW), a globally recognized organization that assists in evaluating results against national and international benchmarks.

2011 was dedicated to the deployment of action plans focused on the main areas for improvement raised in the survey. The Group completed a second extensive survey(1) in 2012 in order to again monitor satisfaction levels, needs and requests of employees. This survey also followed the GPTW® methodology, ensuring comparability of scores. In 2013 the Group completed satisfaction surveys in selected companies and departments.

People satisfaction survey(2) has been conducted following GPTW® methodology on more than 35,000 Magneti Marelli employees worldwide. Engagement surveys were conducted at Chrysler Group involving 1,700 salaried employees across certain functions and satisfaction surveys were completed by more than 200 employees working at National Sales Companies across Australia and China.

Within the EMEA region, about 10,000 employees representatives of Mass-Market and Premium Brands operating segment, took a Computer Assisted Web Interviews conducted by a specialized research institute. The survey included questions useful to provide an updated framework on the average level of employees' satisfaction.  The definition of action plans according to the above surveys results is ongoing.

(1) Launched in part in November 2011.
(2) Launched in part in November 2013.