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Talent management and succession planning

The integration between Fiat and Chrysler Group continued to generate further opportunities for the business during 2013, particularly in terms of skills, experience and ability sharing to provide greater performances across the entire organization.

The Group is called to address the challenges of the industry with ever greater flexibility and firmly believes that success can be achieved by ensuring the presence of empowered individuals in the organization and by appointing the people with the right skills to key positions. Talent management paves the way to reaching this objective by identifying the most talented employees and fast-tracking their development.

The selected individuals are offered professional opportunities that allow them to gain experience in other geographic or business areas as well as opportunities for greater contact with senior management. The program focuses on ensuring that all key leaders are developing both a short- and long-term succession plan. Through this process, attention is focused on less experienced talented individuals who are not yet widely known within the organization, but who warrant investment as potential leaders for the future. Consequently, the Group can develop effective succession plans that give priority to internal candidates. The process is conducted in a uniform manner for all countries, business units and levels of corporate hierarchy Group-wide. Key individuals, selected on the basis of their professional profile (in terms of performance and leadership) and potential for growth in positions of increased responsibility, are evaluated through a process that directly involves management, from their immediate supervisor to senior management representatives.

In 2013, following the evaluation of all managers and professionals, Talent Reviews were performed for Group employees, across 20 professional families/supporting businesses/functions. Since 2011 senior managers, during the Talent Review sessions, can view the profiles of both the mid-level talents and senior managers identified in succession plans, through the dedicated Talent Review tool.

In 2013, the Fiat S.p.A. Chief Executive Officer, together with the members of the Group Executive Council and their supporting Head of HR, dedicated two full days to talent management, focusing on the assignment of key roles, the analysis of talents and initiatives to support their development and international/cross-functional career plans.

In 2014, the Group will continue to evaluate its Total Compensation to maintain alignment with market best practices. Part of this evaluation will include a Long-Term Incentive Plan as well as various other programs. This evaluation is important to ensure the engagement and retention of individuals who are the key to the Group’s continued development.