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In 2013 a total of 34,245 people were hired, 47.4% of whom were in North America, which continued to be the area particularly benefited by an increase in production volume.

About 25,550 employees left the Group throughout the year. Changes in the scope of operations also led to a net increase of 2,048 employees. In October, the Group completed the acquisition of VM Motori, a company employing approximately 1,150 people.  Located in Cento (Italy), this plant specializes in the production of advanced diesel engines.

In 2013, about 96% of Group employees were covered by an unlimited-term employment contract and about 99% were employed full time. Fixed-term contracts were kept to a minimum; the use of this type of contract was distributed over the different geographic areas ranging from a minimum of 0.4% (Latin America) to a maximum of 2.1% (North America) of all contracts. In 2013, despite the ongoing global economic crisis, about 6,900 temporary contracts were converted into unlimited-term contracts (of which approx. 8% were female employees). A total of 1.3% of the Group workforce is employed part-time, of which about 70% are women.

Employees by contract type

Fiat Group worldwide (%)

Unlimited-term contract 94.8% 95.7%
Fixed-term contract 5.2% 4.3%

Employees by contract and employment type

Fiat Group worldwide (no.)

2013 Total Full-time Part-time Full-time Part-time
Europe 89,030 85,461 952 2,609 8
North America 81,365 76,512 6 2,887 1,960
Latin America 48,306 47,400 15 890 1
Asia 6,699 5,238 4 1,457
Rest of the world 187 187
Total 225,587 214,798 977 7,843 1,969