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Fiat has launched a number of community-based initiatives in Serbia following the signing of the memorandum of understanding between Fiat Group Automobiles and the Serbian Government in 2008 and the reconstruction and re-opening of the Kragujevac plant in 2012.

These activities are focused primarily in the city of Kragujevac, where the Fiat Automobili Srbija (FAS) production facilities and plant are located, as well as in the surrounding region.

The activities aim to strengthen development in the area and enhance the synergies between the company and the local community.   Based on the Group's global experience in the field of sustainable development and growth, initiatives strive to position Fiat as a desirable employer, socially responsible community member and contributor to Serbian development.

Balancing the needs of Kragujevac and the neighboring municipalities with those of the company, activities have focused on employment, living and working conditions, health and safety, support for local sports clubs, educational programs, philanthropic activities and other initiatives.   Examples of these activities in the relevant areas include the following listed below.



To promote employment in this community which has an extremely high unemployment rate, particularly among youth, FAS has sponsored a Job Fair for the past three years. In addition, through a talent search program, 15 young engineers got the opportunity to start their professional careers within FAS.

Health and Safety

FAS has completed the first phase of a planned multi-phase project to create a culture of health and safety in the workplace by teaching awareness of safety protection and precautions  This campaign was organized in collaboration with the city of Kragujevac, in all high schools in the city.

Living and working conditions

In September, 2013 the Serbian Minister of Health, Slavica Djukic-Dejanovic, attended an event marking the FAS establishment of a specialized Medical Center for employees.
Also, more than 12,000 FAS employees and family members attended the 2013 Family Day at the Kragujevac plant, which included special gifts for attendees.

Support for local sports clubs

FAS is a sponsor of the local basketball club "Radnicki" and the water polo club with the same name. Through its sponsorship, FAS has strengthened its  bond with the city and the local community. The basketball club has helped to organize sports tournaments for FAS employees.

Local philanthropic activities

FAS has helped fund the publication of a book about its automotive predecessor in Kragujevac, "Zastava" and has also financially supported the city's children's library.