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Safety and regulatory compliance

A manufacturer’s responsibility does not end with the final sale to the customer, but continues throughout the entire life cycle of the vehicle.

With this in mind, the Group continues to monitor all aspects relating to vehicle safety during the after-sales phase. If technical problems relating to safety or regulatory compliance arise, prompt and fair recall campaigns are initiated to resolve problems identified.

In 2013, there were 71 safety and regulatory compliance campaigns involving 7,157,370 customers around the world (EMEA, NAFTA, LATAM and APAC).

In the EMEA region, recall campaigns are managed by informing customers about the activities concerning their vehicle through written communication. The entire process is designed to minimize inconvenience to the customer and vehicle downtime.

Moreover, a customer can obtain additional information on the work to be carried out, the location of service centers and other services that may be available, by contacting the Fiat Group Automobiles Customer Contact Center at any time through one of the available contact channels: brand toll-free numbers, "Contact us" links on websites and social networks,etc.

In the NAFTA region, a Safety Recall Follow Up program provides for a variety of communication methods to customers that have not had a Safety Recall performed on their vehicle within six months of the first notification. The number of customers that have recalls completed during the 6-18 month period after notification has nearly doubled since the introduction of the program. Chrysler Group also began a 60-day customer notification program to describe to customers the safety campaign that will be performed on their vehicle.