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Environmental training

Investment in human capital at all organizational levels is a key driver for improving the Group’s environmental performance.

Competence, knowledge and motivation are essential attributes to ensure a deeply embedded environmental culture throughout the company. For this reason, a variety of methods are used to spread environmental know-how, promote awareness and encourage action planning throughout the company. The training of specialized personnel working within the Environmental Management System (EMS) continued in 2013. Seminars conducted by internal environmental professionals and online courses provided approximately 220,000 hours of environmental training to 71,500 individuals. Training activities focused on prevention, management of environmental aspects, Environmental Management Systems in accordance with the ISO 14001 standard, and Energy Management Systems in conformance with ISO 50001. Additionally, special training was provided to increase employee understanding of their individual impact on the environment.

Internal employee websites dedicated to Environment, Health and Safety, and internal periodical newsletters provide information on policies, procedures, organizational responsibilities, publications, best practices, regulatory information and company requirements. The websites also provide links to external environmental internet sites and IT applications used in the management of environmental programs and training.