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Innovation and sustainable mobility scenario

At the Fiat Group Stakeholder Engagement Events, stakeholders recognized innovation as one of the main drivers for sustainability.

In 2013, the Group spent approximately €3.4  billion on research and development activities, in spite of the current economic crisis in Europe.

Public funding for research and development

Fiat Group worldwide (€ million)

  2013 2012
Grants 31 51
Loans 410 7
of which subsidized loans 10 7
of which EIB(1)  loans 400 0

(1) European Investment Bank.

The Group completed a significant number of major innovation projects during the year. The main areas of research were focused on the following:

  •  reduction of environmental footprint
  •  safety and connected vehicles
  •  increasing product competitiveness.

The Group carefully assesses in advance the potential impact of its research on the environment and on the health of the users of its products. In accordance with the precautionary principle, innovations are thoroughly tested before being introduced on the market to verify their safety for the environment and society as a whole.

As a result of this approach, Fiat Group innovation is geared toward a future mobility scenario based on affordability and economic sustainability.

The continuous collaboration between the Group and external partners  led  to tangible results for intellectual property, with more than 8,000 patents granted to Group companies.


Fiat Group worldwide

Total patents registered  at  31 December 2013 8,521
of which: registered in 2013 425
Patents  pending at 31 December 2013 3,333
of which:  new patent application filed in 2013 459

The registered patents are a result of a broader research and development activity which considers medium- and long-term mobility scenarios and technological future trends.  The Group's ability to anticipate consumer and market needs plays a key role in our competitiveness in the market.