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Sustainable innovations on board

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  • Sustainable propulsion systems
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500L is available with the wider range of sustainable propulsion systems

  • TwinAir Engine
  • MultiAir II
  • MultiJet II

TwinAir Engine

- 30% CO2 emissions vs similiar engines

Eco Engines @ Eco-Plants

TwinAir Turbo bi-fuel, has been awarded Best Green Engine of the Year 2013

Bielsko-Biala Plant, has been awarded with the Gold Medal for World Class Manufacturing

TwinAir Engine

MultiAir II

- 10% CO2 emissions thanks to the innovative eco electric valve management

MultiAir II

MultiJet II

is the eco cutting edge evolution of Common Rail Technology, so called Injection Rate Shaping

MultiJet II


The vehicle body is composed for almost 72% of the vehicle weight by the latest generation in high-strength steel (HSS) to ensure optimal performance without weight increase

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  • Transmission Systems
  • eco:Drive LIVE

Transmission Systems

Continuous technological improvements to optimize engine-transmission pairings

Thanks to the Automated Manual Transmission CO2 emissions can be further cut by 5%

eco:Drive LIVE

The real time eco assistant that let you save up to 16% of consumptions

eco:Drive LIVE logo

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Enjoy, the brand new one car-sharing formula launched in 2013 by ENI in Milan (Italy) in partnership with Fiat and Trenitalia had choosen 50 Fiat 500L and its low emissions technologies.

Fiat Likes U image

Fiat Likes U

The Fiat Likes U project, launched by Fiat in 2012 to benefit students from eight Italian universities and recently expanded across Europe, promotes environmental awareness and eco-friendly use of vehicles through a three-pronged approach based on Mobility, Education and Employment.

Expo Milano 2015 logo

Expo 2015 official sponsor

The Group, Expo 2015 official sponsor, will provide a fleet of sustainable cars for transport inside the Expo area, as well as courtesy cars for guest delegations arriving from all over the world: 500L will be provided to the organization, both in the CNG and diesel versions.