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Sustainable materials

The activities of Centro Ricerche Fiat (CRF), through the Group Materials Lab, are geared toward continued reduction of the environmental footprint, as well as compliance with regulations.

The most important activities of 2013 are related to:

  • solutions for weight reduction
  • reuse of materials
  • bio-materials 

With respect to bio-material, sustainable mobility is pursued not only through the development of new concepts for vehicle systems, but also through the adoption of new materials that yield environmental benefits. For this reason, research in recent years has been focused on developing composite materials with vegetable content and on polymer matrices of biological origin derived from renewable sources, which can greatly impact the vehicles of tomorrow. CRF is engaged in this field through partnerships with companies operating in the sector to adopt these materials in vehicles and, at the European level, with important research institutes to monitor future developments and their potential for application.

CRF is a partner of the BRIGIT European project whose objective is to develop an environmentally and economically sustainable process to produce biocomposites from biopolymers, which can be used in combination with natural fibers. The material is developed taking into account the fact that it will be used in cars and industrial vehicles to achieve mechanical, physical and fire resistance performance comparable to that of the materials currently used.

Sustainable materials 2