GRI-G4  EN17, EN19, EN30
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Business travel

The Group understands the impact that business travel can have on the environment, employees and the broader community, and is committed to a responsible travel management program.

Since 2011, a project at Fiat Group has monitored CO2 emissions generated by its business air travel. In 2013, CO2 emissions from air travel, covering 55% of Group employees, totaled more than 39,600(1) tons. The CO2 emissions recorded in 2013 were generated by more than 110,000 business trips taken during the year, a result of the global nature of the Group. The total amount of km flown increased by 0.7% compared with 2012, emitting the same amount of CO2.

To minimize the need for travel, the use of audio and video conferencing and instant messaging systems was further extended to reach more than 75,000 individuals. On average, there were approximately 34,000 phone calls, 8,500 desktop sharing sessions, 4,000 web conferences and 350,000 instant message sessions each day in 2013.  The Group TelePresence videoconferencing system has significantly grown since 2012. At year-end 2013, this integrated system of 117 meeting rooms registered more than 32,300 hours of teleconference, an increase of 120% compared with the previous year. These communication methods enabled employees to stay in contact with their counterparts at other locations, without the need for business travel and its resulting impact on the environment.


(1) This calculation was made according to the DEFRA/GHG methodologies.