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Employees commuting

One of the areas where Fiat Group has long focused its efforts to reduce CO2 emissions is employee commuting between home and work. The initiatives implemented include the optimization of travel routes, the promotion of public transportation and the use of more sustainable vehicles.

The easygo project addresses approximately 18,000 employees and 4,000 daily visitors at the Mirafiori complex in Turin (Italy). The initiative was developed in 2008 in collaboration with institutions and public transportation companies, and uses input from employees for continuous improvement.

In 2013, we conducted a mobility survey on approximately 1,600 employees prior to their transfer to new offices created at the Mirafiori complex in Turin. The study was meant to analyze employee commuting needs and the optimal routes for getting to their new workplace. By analyzing the local public transport network, we then were able to provide employees with pertinent information on the company intranet and thus ease the move to the new offices.

With respect to public transportation, special and regular routes have been reorganized, with service made more frequent and at specific hours of the day to coincide with employee arrival and departure times. In addition, shuttle services between the main bus routes and train stations have been arranged. In terms of private transportation, the focus has been on bicycling and personal vehicles. Bike paths were improved both inside and outside of the plant complex and parking spaces for bikes were created.

Employees at the facility also have a dedicated internet web portal where they can sign up to participate in carpooling initiatives, share means of transportation and access information about public transportation and bike paths. A special email address was also launched for employees to suggest areas of improvement and indicate service disruptions. In addition, traffic lights, pedestrian crossings and stopping/parking zones continue to be upgraded to improve the flow of traffic and safety conditions in and around the Mirafiori complex.

The principal benefits expected from the easygo project include not only a reduction in the environmental impact from commuting, but also improved employee satisfaction and well-being resulting from reduced commute time and cost, reduced risk of accidents, lower stress and, finally, more social interaction with co-workers.

In order to plan improvement activities for the coming years, a study was conducted to evaluate the effectiveness of the interventions completed since the beginning of the project, particularly with respect to public transportation and parking areas.

At the Chrysler Group headquarters, a grassroots sustainability program promotes employee ideas and engagement. One of the grassroots teams encouraged employee cycling by installing additional bicycle parking slots at the complex to secure bikes for those that cycle to work. The team also coordinated with local experts to offer cycling education to employees to support safe cycling in and around the community.  In addition, vanpool information was offered at the annual Earth Day event at the Chrysler Group headquarters to support more environmentally friendly transportation and employee convenience.