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World Class Logistics (WCL) defines logistics processes at plants and in the supplier network which have been established to meet the requirements of safety, ergonomics, eco-compatibility and transport flow optimization.

This is managed by Fiat’s Logistics Engineering unit and Chrysler Group’s Logistics & Customs department, which act as bridges between manufacturing and suppliers or dealers through material movement. Processes have been significantly improved through the re-engineering of material flows and the application of Just-in-Time methodology, by reducing stock and material handling and delivering only what is needed, where it is needed, at the right time. 

Logistics flows

Components and materials delivery (upstream transport) to Group plants and spare parts (managed by Fiat Parts & Services and Mopar(1)) transport to warehouses and distribution centers is handled either by external transport providers engaged by the company or managed directly by the material suppliers themselves. Shipment of spare parts to dealers is handled by external logistics operators that are not managed by the Group.

Vehicle distribution (downstream transport) from plants to dealers is handled by the Group-owned fleet (i-FAST Automotive Logistics S.r.l. in Europe and Chrysler Group Transport in North America) or by external transport providers engaged by the company.

(1) The Group’s service, parts and customer care organization.